Saturday, January 26, 2013

Tips for Buying a glass door Refrigerator

Shopping for a new fridge may require a bit of research and time. There are many latest modern designer styles ranging retro look in bright colors to sleek models in stainless steel with several advanced features. Deciding on a fridge will depend on many important factors starting from your needs, preferences for the looks and the features. Most people like a fairly simple fridge that incorporates innovative technologies with improved aesthetics, features, performance, durability and energy efficiency

There are a few important things that you should consider before buying a glass door Refrigerator for your home:

Size and Capacity

Refrigerators are made in different capacities ranging from 2 Cu.ft. to 30 Cu ft. You should assess your storing needs for fresh food as well as frozen items. Normally, you may need about 3 Cu.ft. of food storage per person in the fridge. However, the fridge has also to fit in the available space available.


Consider the location where you will like to place your refrigerator. Measure the space available. You should be able place the required size of fridge in that space and should be able to open it without any obstruction.

Design and Style

There are a number of renowned brands of glass door Refrigerators available in several designs, styles, shapes and sizes. You can have many options to meet your requirements.

French door refrigerators provide a lot of space for storing a wide variety of items. They have deep freezers, baskets and space to accommodate large items. Side-by-Side refrigerator is usually a glass door refrigerator designed with two large vertical compartments consisting of a refrigerator and a freezer parallel to each other for easy access to items. There is a common design of refrigerators with a top freezer compartment. In this design the freezer has a larger space to store bulk foods. These fridges are more energy-efficient and less expensive. There are refrigerators that have freezer at the bottom in place of its top.

You can decide about the type of configuration depending the place to install it and your ease of use. A French Door or bottom mount fridge is more suitable, if you use more of the fresh food compartment than the freezer. A Side by Side type fridge will take lesser space with its doors open.


The right approach is to first look for the basic features and then goes for the add-ons.
Useful Functional Features:

Look for the essential features that include auto fast-freeze, DeFroster, Temperature Controllers and Interior lighting. Almost all good brands include these features in their various models.
Storage Features:

Most basic refrigerators come with 1-2 drawers, non-adjustable shelving and bins. There is a partial shelf in the freezer.

Advanced and Additional Features

You can get additional features like, frost-free operation, LCD Display Control, Humidity Controls, Noise Control and Energy Star Rating. In addition, you can also get refrigerators that are provided with Ice and Water Dispensers and Water as well as Air Filtration System.

There are models with adjustable shelves to accommodate tall items, glass shelves for easy cleaning, slide-outs for easy access to food items, 2 or more drawers for fruits and vegetables, a butter keeper, a meat keeper, removable door bins, an ice maker, and an interior light in the freezer as extra storage features. Stainless steel wipes can also make it quick and easy to remove stains from your entire stainless refrigerator. Some fridges have wheels to move them easily.


You can consider the different features, warranty and prices of various makes and models that suit your requirement. Check the customers' views and rating about the performance and durability of various fridge options, before you finally select the best model for you. Performance is by far the most impotant factor when buying a glass door Refrigerator.